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Ayan Chakraborty. MBA(Marketing) 5th Dan Black Belt IASK-South Africa.
"A" Grade Refree/Judge & National Coach: Karate Association of India.

Sensei Ayan Chakraborty

The Chief Technical Director of the Traditional Karate & Martial Arts Training Centre (TKMTC) born in 1981 and MBA in Marketing from West Bengal university Of Technology & Post Graduate in Export Management from IMT Gaziabad. He took up Karate in 1988 in a local dojo.
His interest in Karate made him join Karate-Do Club under sensei Bapi Bose, then a Black Belt. In his later years of studying traditional Karate-do, he has trained under some of the legendary masters viz. Masters Sadasige Kato, Kohei Nohara, Takuya Taniyama, Daisuke Ueda, Katsutoshi Shina, Tadashi Ishikawa, Mitsuru Nagaki, Takashi Yamaguchi, Toshiaki Namiki, Hitoshi Kasuya, Manabu Murakami, Gerry Breeze, Jan Spatzak, Charles Gidley, Sonny Pillay, Shihan Katsu Tiro to name but a few.

He is also "A" qualified Kata & Kumite referee with the experience of officiating in Sports and Traditional Karate events in both national and international circuits. He has got a knack of studying and doing research on Shotokan Kata and as such he has a remarkable collection of books and videos on Shotokan Karate. Though a great admirer of Kanazawa sensei, sensei Chakraborty is actually a diehard fan of both Kasuya and Murakami sensei and therefore his karate is highly influenced by the JKA Nakayama brand of Shotokan and master Nishiyama which he continues to pass on to his students. While asked on his sole target for future in karate we came to know that he is working very hard 'to preserve and teach the purest form of Shotokan Katas in budo form'.

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