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I recomended the seminar to others

Subhasree Seth

Job (Working)

It's very help to learn the techniques that make us more flexible and effecting. Mostly the Punchings

Chayanti Mukherjee


All the techniques were eqally useful. "Shuto"- ear effect, Signle eye and double eye technique were great. The warm up excercises were equally excellent

Puja Taran

Secondary Research Associate

Each and every technique seems effective. Particularly the "Shuto" and the 'Single ' and 'Double' eye technique (nuki) seemed extremly useful for me.

Debosmita Chakraborty

Content Writer

All the techniques were easy and usable when in danger. The seminar was very much useful. Thank you.

A. Baag

Ecommerce Associate

The hand techniques that is used under ear and the lost technique that is the kick-one.

Naheed Iqbal

Employee (Associate)

Each technique is useful when travelling alone. There techniques are a reminder of what I had learnt from Mr. A Chakraborty,when I was training under my sensei’s guidance 1994 – 96. The one eye and the two eyes effect seemed powerful and the ebelow the ear move was very effective.

Joyeeta Gupta

(Content Writer)

As far my knowledge, each & every technique is usable to protect from crowd.

Anuksha Debnath


The more usable technique is learning the punches, like where to hit the person and how to hit him. I joined the seminar twice & I enjoyed and learned to be strong.

Yes, I will recommend the seminar to my all friends and surrounding as this is really very helpful.

Sourina Panja

(Associate at Ecommerce)

Kick on the Groin & Half punch. Felt the somewhat manageable during the rush. Something to keep in mind “ Attach & run, don’t think yourself to be Marykom”. .

Brithika Karan